Students can get a free XBox 360 with purchase of select PCs.

PC/XBox 360 deal

Students who are in the market for a new PC next year might want to check out this deal. Graduation is coming up and so is summer break, a perfect time for students to get a little extra cash. Microsoft has a deal it's offering through a number of select retailers where they can get a free XBox 360 when they buy a select PC priced at $699+.

The deal is offered to students in the U.S. and Canada. It will kick off in the states May 20. The deal is only for students, and educational credentials will be necessary to nab it.

For more information, read the engadget blurb or the Windows Experience blog entry

Learn to code for free

I know, you thought you had to take some fancy college class to learn JavaScript basics, but that's simply not true. I've been (albeit slowly) learning some basics of coding, CSS5 and HTML5 with CodeAcademy. Did you know that New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is taking the free coding classes? It's true-and that's how I learned about it. Read the story here You can always check a book out from your library, but CodeAcademy has a window to allow you to write code and test it out.