Atlas Butler Heating & Cooling, White Castle, College Advantage and ThisWeek Community Newspapers are recognizing exemplary students who represent their school and community by demonstrating hard work and strength of service.

Katherine Bond
Senior at Dublin Coffman
Nominated by: Alice Bond
Class with A: AP English Lit
Teacher of winning classroom: Kristina Zakrzewski

From 2006 - 2008 Katherine volunteered for approximately 300 hours at various Dublin and central Ohio charities and community events, through the LEED (Leadership, Esteem, Ethics, and Duty) program. In 2009 she volunteered almost 300 hrs at the Newark YMCS. She has also volunteered at the Muirfield tournament, at the Dublin Rec Center, at The Dublin Irish Festival, and at the OSU golf course for Nationwide Children's Hospital events, all while keeping her grades up and working evenings and weekends. She has attended honors and science camps at Cleveland State, OSU, Cedarville University and University of Toledo. She excels at everything she does.

Hallie Kerr
Senior at Grandview Heights
Nominated by: Steve Hall
Class with A: AP Calculus
Teacher of winning classroom: Steve Hall

Hallie has left a lasting legacy in her 4 years at Grandview Heights. Her commitments to the arts have landed her numerous roles in the school plays and musicals including several leading parts. She has also taken her talents outside of the school, having some of her artwork put on display at the Wexner Center. She is an outstanding student, active member of the National Honor Society, and a 4-year letter-winner in swimming.

One of Hallie's lasting legacies will be the recycling program that she pushed for 4 years to institute at the high school. She raised money to purchase recycling containers, devised a plan and organized a schedule to involve students in the collecting and worked with the city to arrange for a recycling bin at the school. In January of this year her program was implemented and to this date, the high school has recycled over 1200 pounds of plastics, glass, and cardboard as well as 90 pounds of aluminum.

Allison Largent
Senior at New Albany High School
Nominated by: Karen Morlan
Class with A: AP Statistics
Teacher of winning classroom: Karen Morlan

Allison volunteered at Huckleberry House for 100 hours over a three-month period. Huck House is a shelter for runaway and homeless youth in the Columbus area, providing a temporary home and counseling for at-risk teenagers who may not feel safe in their own homes.

Allison took on many different tasks for the organization. After volunteering at the shelter for about three weeks, the Development Coordinator, Chrissy Scott, came to Allison with an idea. She wanted to begin a new art program for the youth in the shelter to showcase their interests and talents. As with many things in a non-profit organization, funding the project was the first hurdle to overcome. Allison's tendency to lead pulled her through an unfamiliar situation and she volunteered to tackle the financial piece of the puzzle. She attended a grant-writing workshop and learned that the Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) offered a grant program for which Huck House might qualify.

Allison completed the grant proposal, including a budget for the program. In mid-April Huck House received notification from the GCAC that the grant had been approved. Huck House was very grateful for the role Allison played in introducing this amazing activity to the organization and the youth who utilize their services.

Allison's ability to adapt, her orientation to service and her love of helping others differentiate her from other students her age. Her time at Huckleberry House helped her grow as a young woman and made a difference in the lives of teens in crisis.

Jessica Mahan
Senior at Pickerington High School Central
Nominated by: Sister, Alexis
Class with A: English 12 AP
Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Turley

Jessica is an amazing student, friend, sister, and an all around amazing individual. She has maintained a 4.0 or higher throughout her whole high school career, and currently has a 4.5. She diligently works for others such as holding a leadership role in key club, tutoring students after school weekly, working in her Peer Positive group where she volunteers on mission trips, at churches, and participates in community service, and also grading papers for teachers who could use extra assistance.

Jessica is an active member at the National Honors Society in her school, and she is also a member of the prestigious National Society of High School Scholars. She has a passion for helping people, and she is planning in going into the medical field. To reach this goal, Jessica would need the fund, which this award could provide her, as a means for paying for her education at The Ohio State University. She treats others as the she in turn would want to be treated, and is a positive example for her peers. She is greatly respected by her family, and students and teachers alike. Jessica also enjoys singing, and participates in her school choir. Jessica is completely deserving of this award.

Azqa Masood
Senior at Dublin Scioto High School
Nominated by Sophia Farooq
Class with A: IB French Yr 2
Teacher of winning classroom: Ben Hirt

Azqa has been a candy striper at Riverside Methodist Hospital since January 2010. Due to her dedication, she has accumulated over 700 hours of service. She is very dedicated to helping others. Azqa has discharged hundreds of patients; traveled throughout the hospital with the complimentary cookie cart; collected pillows and IV pumps; delivered flowers and messages; dispatched dischargers as well as many other tasks. In addition, she mentored new volunteers explaining the rules and showed them how to do various tasks. Azqa is a very quiet young woman, but is always there to help.

Kyle McLain
Senior at Grandview Heights High School
Nominated by: Scott McLain
Class with A: AP Chemistry
Teacher of winning classroom: Mrs. Jo Lee

Kyle is a member of the National Honor Society. He has been the Vice President of his class since freshman year and participated in many fund raising class events. Kyle has volunteered for the Grandview Boosters yearly at the Ox Roast, his class booths and the annual mulch sale. He has worked in food lines for the homeless and collected and packaged food for the Ohio Food Bank. Kyle was selected by his school to participate in the first annual Rotary Youth Leadership awards conference at Ohio University. He participated in the Nationwide Children's Hospital DVD drive. Kyle will be a sixth grade camp counselor in late May.

Allyson Merkle
Senior at Buckeye Valley High School
Nominated by: Megan Keller
Class with A: Ceramics
Teacher of winning classroom: Sophie Halliday

Allyson Merkle is an outstanding student who excels in and out of the classroom. In recent years, Allyson has been a member of Student Counsel, Teen Institute and Girl Scouts. Every year she takes it upon herself to help others within the community. Allyson has been a volunteer at Camp Baron, the annual BV Hog Roast, the annual BV Pancake Day, and a volunteer at the BV Food Booth held at the Delaware County Fair. She also serves as an Office Aid, giving up her study hall in school to help in the attendance office instead.

Cambree Moser
Senior at Buckeye Valley High School
Nominated by: Lisa Moser
Class with A: Honors Physics
Teacher of winning classroom: Gery Kovatch

Cambree organized a Strike Out Cancer softball game at school, selling t-shirts and having a bake sale, to raise money for breast cancer. She raised over $250 from this event. She is also involved in Student Council and National Honors Society which has led her to do service projects including serving at Faith Mission and organizing an induction ceremony for the new NHS members. Every year, Cambree participates in the JDRF walk and raising money for Juvenile Diabetes.

Meghan Schulze
Senior at Johnstown-Monroe High School
Nominated by: Don Schulze
Class with A: Government
Teacher of winning classroom: Carl Dufford

Looking back on my high school experience, Meghan wanted to make a positive change for the future of the Johnstown community. Johnstown High School requires 60 hours of community service to graduate but offers no opportunity. Students struggle to find their own service work. With two friends, she devised a model for a non-profit organization to support the service work of Johnstown High School students.

Their mission for this organization, "Building Unity in Leadership Development," is to create a leadership, learning, and service mindset in the youth of our community while supporting the local or regional home improvement needs that result from personal challenges or natural disasters. The organization is now incorporated as a non-profit organization and has successfully organized their first service trip to Alabama in June. I hope that in 50 years, the legacy that they have created this year will continue to inspire others, as BUILD endures to positively affect the community of Johnstown and Johnstown schools.

Through the creation of BUILD, this promise and commitment will have an enduring impact on the Johnstown schools and the entire community of Johnstown. The High School has already united behind the cause by participating in two fundraisers to assist in funding their trip to Alabama. Other community leaders have donated time and money towards this endeavor. By changing the mindset of the youth in our community, this service-oriented passion for helping others will continue to "pay forward" in many other areas.

Marisa Shannon
Seniort at Hilliard Darby High School
Nominated by: Synthia Shannon
Class with A: Photography
Teacher of winning classroom: Scott Volzer

Marisa has been involved in multiple clubs throughout her high school career. She has participated in Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), Science Club, Partners Club, Club Interact and more. She also has volunteered at the Champaign County Fair every year since her freshman year. She volunteers at the St. Paul A.M.E. Polish Sausage Stand selling sausages with her grandmother and other members of the church.

Marisa spent most of her volunteering at the Columbus YWCA. She and I would go and help serve lunch/dinner. This past winter Marisa was there almost every Saturday. She was in charge of the Daycare Center where she would care for children of all ages while the mothers took classes to better themselves. It was a very enjoyable and humbling experience for Marisa. She and I plan on volunteering more this summer.