The city will spend about $1.1 million less than it takes in during 2013, according to the budget approved by Worthington City Council on Dec. 3.

The city will spend about $1.1 million less than it takes in during 2013, according to the budget approved by Worthington City Council on Dec. 3.

The general-fund budget for next year will be $24.3 million. Revenue is expected to be $25.4 million. The year is expected to end with a comfortable $5.6 million balance, which includes a $1.5 million carryover reserve that is required by council ordinance to be set aside for a "rainy day."

Spending is expected to increase only slightly over 2012, when the general fund budget was $24.2 million. Since 2008, spending has increased from $20.9 million.

Revenue since 2008 has increased from $21.8 million to $25.4 million, primarily because of an increase in the income-tax rate from 2 percent to 2.5 percent. Voters approved the increase in 2010.

General government is the highest spending of the city's departments. It includes the departments of administration, personnel, finance, law and economic development, as well as the mayor's court. Total general government spending in 2013 is estimated at $8.6 million

Expenditures for the fire department are estimated at $6 million; police department, $4.2 million; parks and recreation, $3.1 million; public service and engineering, $1.8 million; and planning and development, $502,000.

The budget sets aside $114,000 for the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Worthington, which removed a former $100,000 cap, as well as $55,523 for special groups and $244,550 for the McConnell Arts Center.

All nonunion city staffers and the unionized communications workers will receive 2-percent salary increases in 2013.

The city is in negotiations with the police union, and no salary decisions have been made. The contract expires Dec. 31.

Firefighters will receive $1,000 bonuses instead of salary increases in 2013.

New salaries for 2013 for the city manager and his staff are:

* Matt Greeson, city manager, $136,634.

* Molly Roberts, finance director, $98,110.

* Darren Hurley, director of parks and recreation, $98,110.

* Lori Trego, assistant to city manager/personnel director, $78,708.

* Tanya Word, secretary to city manager, $55,877.

* Robyn Stewart, assistant city manager, $103,841.

* Bill Watterson, city engineer, $102,452.

* Barb Nofziger, court clerk, $53,821.

* Rob Chandler, administrative assistant/service department, $63,000.

* Michael Horvath, assistant to city manager/information-technology manager, $78,708.

* Anne Brown, administrative assistant/public information, $64,654.

* Don Phillips, chief building inspector, $87,979.

* Pamela Fox, law director, $116,000.

* Jeff Harris, assistant to city manager/economic development manager, $90,645.

Also, $102,452 was set aside for a new position called planning and development manager, which will result from reorganization of the public-service and engineering departments. Those changes were made possible because of the retirements of Dave Groth, service director, and Ron Curry, assistant city engineer.