Westerville South High School isn't raising any objections with its spring musical.

Westerville South High School isn't raising any objections with its spring musical.

In its final show of the year, the Westerville South Theatre Department will present Legally Blonde: The Musical at 7:30 p.m. today, Friday and Saturday, and at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 25-28, at the school, 303 S. Otterbein Ave. Tickets are $10.

Westerville South Theatre Director Sarah Detrick said the school's theater department always looks to make an impact with its final show of the year.

"Our musical is kind of what we want everyone to remember from the year, for sure," Detrick said. "Legally Blonde is really a fun, peppy, energetic show."

Detrick said staging Legally Blonde appealed to her because it provided the opportunity to present a familiar story but a less familiar musical, giving her students and theater patrons a chance for something different.

"This is our opportunity to do something new," Detrick said.

The musical takes the plot of the 2001 movie, Detrick said, and sets it to song.

"It does, of course, add in all the musical numbers and a lot of choreography and dance that is really a lot of fun," she said.

Senior Leah Kincer, who will take the stage as beautician "Paulette," said the production allows South thespians to take on fresh materials and to take a break from classical musicals that can sometimes become cliche for high-school theatre companies.

"It is just fun. I've never been in a show where it's just so much upbeat energy and positive energy," Kincer said. "Everything about it is either funny or entertaining.

"It's modern. A lot of time, high schools get in a rut."

Senior Liana Clareson, who will play the lead "Elle," said she loves both the energy the production carries with it and the message it puts forth.

"(The music) is literally infectious. You can't help but smile when you hear the music for this show," Clareson said. "This show has such a great message. It's all about finding yourself and finding your way."

A blonde herself, Clareson said "Elle" provides inspiration for fair-haired women.

"She's probably one of my favorite characters throughout all of musical theater," Clareson said. "It's so much fun being blonde. I think, especially with this character, it helps me realize that just because you're blonde doesn't mean you're dumb. Someone might not think you're serious enough ... if you find that self-worth in yourself, that's what really matters."

Other members of the cast include: Titilayo Adelusola, Andrea Ball, Jackson Bandy, Scott Barclay, Ryan Bodley, Caitlin Cahoon, Ziggy Cahoon, Ellis Catalan, Jordan Friese, Kelsi Gross, Nic Hayman, Kris Holman, Rachael Leonard, Canyon Lyerla, Quincy McNabb, Curtis Mitchell, IK Ogundare, Sophia Rodriguez, Sophie Smith, Sharif Stone, Reed Watkins, Elise Wesley, Jacob Williams and Jarrett Williams.

Students in the production crew include Lydia Benjamin as student director, Matthew Phillips as stage manager, Melanie Raphael as student technical director, Andrew Millsap as assistant stage manager, Josia Klein as community outreach manager and Michelle Mwaura as house manager.

The technocal crew consists of: Hiba Abdouni, Omar Abdouni, Zoe Browne, Matt Charleston, Rachel Collinsworth, Miranda Cotman, Vi Dinh, Anna Dunlope, Jalissa Frye, Nic Hayman, Rio Hershey, Joslyn Hrabak, Jake Leonard, Lucas LeWinter, Logan Meyst, Andrew Millsap, Chris Morrison, Morgan Oates, Sarah Parker, Emily Pawlack, Courtney Raspberry, Jessica Richards, Michelle, Serozynski, Jessica Skoglund, Lilly Tesfai, Beoline Uwampamo and Jessica Villacres.

In the orchestra are: John Auker, Jacob Austrino, Anna Aylor, Rachel Baker, Marissa Banks, Sam Blair, Adrian Blake, Kaelyn Buggs, Andrew Buser, Daniel Calvert, Aaron Eversole, David Harris, Sarah Hassler, T.C. Kincer, Margot Marshall-Goetz, Cullen McGuire, Gretchen Michaels, Nate Michaels, Daniel Mollett, Brian Poland, Nell Saunders, Brian Schindehette, Julie Shamblin, Tyler Starling and Lovell Tufts.