Realtors care about homes.

Realtors care about homes.

It turns out this is true even long after a sale. Dozens of Columbus-area real-estate agents demonstrated that last week at sites throughout the city.

Realtor Care Day, which actually stretches out over several days, is a community service project that was launched at a single location in 2005, said Addie Davis-Holsinger, president of the North Area Real Estate Association.

During the event, Realtors, affiliates, family and friends volunteer for projects around the city.

Last year, 22 groups, 35 projects and more than 450 volunteers took part in Realtor Care Day.

This year, Davis-Holsinger said, 26 sites from New Albany and Pickerington to the Hilltop and Sunbury saw volunteers turn out to fix up homes or refurbish playgrounds.

The project for Clintonville-area Realtors involved a homeowner on Dayton Avenue, an older woman who was identified as being in need of some help with landscaping and other maintenance projects by officials at the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center. North Area Real Estate Association members were grateful for the help of CRC officials, Davis-Holsinger said.

"This year we were kind of really searching," she said. "We reached out to a couple of different organizations, churches in the area."

The assistance of the resources center in identifying someone the North Area Real Estate Association could help out shows that the whole community can come together, Davis-Holsinger said.

The project at the Dayton Avenue home involved landscaping and painting. The volunteers removed old ivy bushes, planted new flowers and shrubs, painted a retaining wall and trimmed an overgrown pine tree that was encroaching on the sidewalk.

"We did a lot of neat stuff," Davis-Holsinger said.

The homeowner pitched in despite her age, she said.

"She was wonderful," Davis-Holsinger said. "She helped us a lot. You could tell she worked a lot in her garden in past years, but it just got away from her.

"The nice thing is we get to give back to the community where we do our services. It's very close to our heart. It's something that we spend months preparing for."