Cheryl & Co. bakesale today and tomorrow! It's today until 8 p.m. and tomorrow 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the headquarters in Westerville, 646 McCorkle Blvd. I'd never been to this before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. There are a number of items for sale and many little items and gifts for under $10. I bought some sugar-free lemon cake slices which were 10 for $2 and BOGO 10-12ct. Buckeyes from Harry London chocolates for $4.95. Below is a list of items that are less than $10. All cookie dough for 175 ct. is $35. For the most part, individually-wrapped cookies are $.50 each and sold in cases of 24 to 100. Also, City Barbecue is selling food outside under a tent during the sale. Items for sale: Spritz cookies $5, small spritz $2, Mint frosted brownies $10, Fannie May cheesecakes $10, 10 lemon cake slices $2, Birthday cupcake box $5, Candy bars $.50, butter toffee peanuts $.50 per bag, 3 oz. pretzel bag $.50, 15 oz sours $2.00, Green/yellow vanilla butternut popcorn $.50 a bag, 24 pretzel clusters $4.95. BOGO offers: Buckeye tin 2 for $11.95, buckeyes box $4.95, Star pretzel tin $9.95, Large green drizzle pretzels $.95, 8 oz. bag green drizzled pretzels $4.95. Other gift items: seasonal cookies cutters $2 a set, ceramics $8 a bowl, plush bears $2, pumpkin carving kit $8.00 and silver pails $2.

m&m/Mars Sweet Relief Act Don't forget to logon to tomorrow to sign up for free candy from M&M/Mars. This is a Friday-only sign-up deal. Get a coupon in the mail in 4-6 weeks for some free chocolate.