I always think of the band The Replacements and their song Talent Show when it comes to stuff like this ...

The Siberian Lynx is one of the animals featured in the zoo's Animals on Safari show.

Talented animals Most of the animals in the Animals on Safari show have been adopted from the animal shelter and trained to perform specific tasks during the show. Animals include dogs, cats, ducks, pigs and even a groundhog. Other animals are from the zoo (such as the Siberian lynx shown above) and the trainers will give you a little information about them when they appear in the routine. The show is shown at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays and there are more shows on the weekend. It's a great, entertaining break from walking around the zoo. As I've mentioned many times before the zoo is half-price for Franklin County residents on Wednesdays. Pack your own lunch to save more money and buy a souvenir drink bottle for $6.99 and have it filled up with soda pop again for $1.06. Be sure to get there early (the zoo opens at 9 a.m.) to avoid the line to see baby elephant Beco and his mother, Phoebe.

I was lucky enough to see a koala awake during a recent visit to the zoo. They sleep about 22 hours a day and seem to fall asleep in the trees in some interesting positions.

Short North Talent Show Merchants and employees of the Short North will be putting on a talent show tonight at Axis Nightclub, 775 N. High St., from 8-11 p.m. to raise funds for a new mural, sculpture and other public artwork. The cost is $10 and advance reservations are recommended. If interested, contact Lauren via phone at 229-8050 ext.15 or e-mail lauren.wertz@shortnorth.org. Also, If you like Northstar Cafe, you might want to try Third & Hollywood in the Grandview area. It's a new restaurant by the same people who brought you the Northstars in town. I'll probably be trying it this week. Send me an e-mail at eholl@thisweeknews.com for a voucher for a free meal there! All of the entrees are over the budget ($10), but a few appetizers and drinks are less than $10.

Tell me about any events or spots in town you'd like me to feature in my blog. Some upcoming blog entries will include the Anthony-Thomas Candies factory tour and Oceans 7 adult game center in Hilliard. E-mail eholl@thisweeknews.com or leave a comment.