I piled on the toppings at Cuzzins Yogurt in Upper Arlington's Shops on Lane Avenue.

Cuzzins Yogurt This yogurt spot has been in the Shops at Lane Avenue for a little while now and I finally tried it. It's like the standard do-it-yourself frozen yogurt shop. You grab a cup, pick out the flavor(s) you want, then add toppings, it gets put on a scale near the register and you pay based on how much it weighs. Also, it's nice they have sample cups so you can try before you buy. I opted to get mainly sugar-free strawberry, but also added in a tad of peanut butter, cheesecake and berry flavored yogurt. The sugar-free yogurt here is much smoother and creamier than those I've had elsewhere. They have a number of healthy toppings, including diced strawberries, mangoes, pineapple and whole blueberries, blackberries and red raspberries. They also have a number of unhealthy toppings, including brownies, chocolate candies, fruit loops, butterfinger and cookie dough. They also had nuts, graham cracker crumbs and toasted coconut. It's a cute, brightly colored shop with a few tables and chairs for outdooring seating during warmer weather. It's located at 1629 W. Lane Ave. in the middle of Shops on Lane. It's hidden in the shops that sit back in the courtyard area behind Rusty Bucket and Royal Ginger. It's an Ohio Proud vendor and is open late-until 10 p.m., which is nice for those who have a late-night frozen confection craving. Now, the only frozen yogurt place I can think of in town that I haven't been to is Orange Leaf. I will be trying it and writing about it once it opens in Grandview.

Frosty Flicks Good news for those of you who reside on the Southeast side of Columbus. Marcus Cinemas is introducing Frost Flicks kids film series, which kicks off this coming Saturday, Feb. 5, with Despicable Me. Movies are shown at 10 a.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. Sunday. The really great news is that admission is $2! You and the kids should be able to see the movie, share some popcorn and a drink or get some candy for less than $10 per person. To read more about the Frosty Flicks film series, visit www.marcustheatres.com/Promotion/PromotionDetail/4/ Another great time to go to the movies is on Tuesday. Marcus Cinemas also has $2 drinks and popcorn on Tuesdays.