Alternatives for exercising instead of spending money on a gym membership.

Exercise for cheap

I wrote about this last year, but like to remind my readers about these inexpensive ways to get in shape during 2012:

• Library videos

No need to run out to the local gym and sign up for a membership. Most people only use the membership for a few months before they stop going. Besides, you can exercise for free in the comfort of your own home.

The library has a number of exercise videos with everything from power yoga to kickboxing to let you borrow for free with your library card.

Since there are different videos, you can try different styles and trainers out without getting bored of the same routine. Plus, it's free to borrow videos from your library.

This method also lets you try before you buy. I borrowed a few from my library branch to try and then bought the one I liked the most from I liked Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and S.W.A.T. Extreme Fat Burn videos.

• Groupon-type fitness deals

Groupons, Living Social and other deals sites offer exercise options for discount, too. I've been going to Jazzercise classes and it's been a blast to try something different. I also bought another deal to let me try Habeeba's belly dancing classes in addition to yoga and boot camp classes. Be sure to keep in mind that you have to travel to these classes, so getting a deal to a place way across town might not be that good of an idea.

• You Tube

This is not just a great place to view the latest viral videos. If you have a computer or a smart phone, you can watch exercise videos for free via YouTube. There are a large number of exercise tips and routines available here. If you have a particular area to focus on, there are videos that show the best exercises to tone up your trouble spot(s).