Steak special and birthday deals at Young's Dairy.

Cheap eats

• Steak deal

If you're a big steak person, you might want to head to Whole Foods today and pick up a steak for $9.99. I saw them this morning when I went to pick up some the BOGO GT Kombucha and they look pretty good-and I'm not a meat person.

• Young's Dairy

I know, it's freezing cold out and I'm bringing up ice cream... It's so cheap you might be tempted to make the trip to Yellow Springs. Specials for the 143rd birthday weekend include $1.43 for a cheeseburger, a kids meal or 1-dip waffle cone; $1.99 for cheese curds or cheese sampler package in the Dairy Store. At the Golden Jersey Inn they'll have cheese curds for $1.99, kids meals for $1.43 and a special souvenir sundae for $3.50. And, if you're willing to brave the cold, udders and putters mini golf is $1.43 per game or for a medium bucket of golf balls at the driving range.

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