Try some new foods during Dine Originals week and use coupons to save money.

Dine Originals

Central Ohio restaurants are offering special meals this week for $10, $20 or $30 as part of Dine Originals Week. *Tax, gratuity and beverages are not included in the price. My $10 picks: Dirty Franks, Chile Verde, Katzinger's, The Old Mohawk and Trattoria Roma. These are only some of the restaurants offering $10 menus. The event runs through Sunday, March 11. For more information and to view menus, visit Enjoy!


I read yesterday that most coupons go unused. This is sad because people could really save themselves some money with coupons. Don't be ashamed of using coupons-they are offered to entice people to make purchases. But don't buy something just because you have a coupon. However, I admit I'm more willing to try a restaurant or food item if a discount is offered. If you want to get into couponing, several online sites offer coupons for you to print in addition to those you get in The Bag and The Columbus Dispatch. Don't forget that most grocery shopper cards now offer online coupons to "clip" to redeem when you check out. Phone apps I've mentioned in the past also offer help finding discounts. These include CouponSherpa, Yowza and Pushpins. If you're shopping in a retail setting, consider the Google Shopper app, which let's you look for the same product online at a cheaper price by putting in the name or scanning the barcode. If you're not sure about a product, read online reviews. I usually read them at or Google them before purchasing a beauty, electronic item or appliance. Also, if you forget a coupon at your grocery store, be sure to take it back with you next time you shop there to get cash for the coupon-just have your receipt and coupon at the ready at customer service.