Fresh, organic produce and healthy snacks are available at this new store at Gemini Place. They also carry some pet, cleaning, beauty, healthcare and vitamin products. Family Meal Deal and Good Old Days meals offered.

One of the things I thought was neat at Earth Fare was the fresh-made pasta and sauces cooler.

Earth Fare Polaris

I stopped by to check out the new Earth Fare store that opened recently in Gemini Place, the shopping center near the mall that also houses Costco and Hobby Lobby.
The store is similar to Whole Foods, but is a bit smaller than the Sawmill Road store. I'm glad a store opened in this area, because other than the Raisin Rack, there isn't a store dedicated to lots of fresh and health foods. Of course, the items do cost more, but I like to think it's cheaper than having health issues and taking lots of medication.

I did a close watch for prices and found that, for the most part, items cost more here than Whole Foods. Some things were on sale and that made them cheaper than Whole Foods prices, but a few things I priced at Whole Foods cost more. They also have a coupon book for some items, which can save you a few bucks. I signed up for text alerts from Earth Fare and got a coupon for $5 off $25 purchase. They also offered a chicken or veggie substitute for signing up for a "Welcome Home" account.

The salad bar offers the usual items and is somewhat smaller than the offerings at Whole Foods and Giant Eagle Marketplace. However, they also have a decent selection of prepared foods.

If you plan on eating there, the best deal is probably the Tuesday and Thursday night dinners. A flyer at checkout advertised a "Good Old Days" meal Tuesday evening of Grandpa's favorite Prime Rib with mashed potatoes, grilled squash and veggies for $8.99 and you could add a roll, apple pie or water/tea for 50 cents apiece. The Thursday dinner is a family meal where up to 6 kids eat free with the purchase of an adult $5 or more of "Ready to Go" prepared foods meal.

Things that I saw were a good deal:

• Cored pineapple 2 for $5

• Annie's graham cracker snacks 2 for $5

• EO lotions and body wash $7.49

• Frozen pizzas $5-6

• Vitaminwater liter $1

• Chocolove bars 2 for $3

Things that I saw that cost more than at Whole Foods:

• GT Dave's Kombucha

• Mrs. Meyers products (coupon available)

• 8 oz. bags of Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Goji Berries, Maca Powder

• bulk Brazil nuts