Krema Nut Company has a retail outlet on Goodale Boulevard that offers freshly-made milkshakes and peanut butter sandwiches.

Krema Nut Company

I've passed by this place a number of times wondering what the peanut butter milkshake they advertise on a sign out front tasted like. People have told me they knew someone who had one of their peanut butter sandwiches, but noone had mentioned their milkshakes. The milkshake I had was very thick, but not lumpy and had a good peanut butter flavor.

I've shopped at the store before and bought some bulk nuts items, but never ventured into the food area. They offer a number of peanut butter-related items that they make as you wait. There are also a number of frozen goods in a freezer case such as chocolate dipped peanut butter ice cream cones for $2.49, Johnson's Ice Cream pints, pies and other dessert items.

Ice cream cones are $2 for a small and $3 for a large size. Sandwiches, which all cost $4.50, include a PB&J; the Old Timer with crunchy peanut butter, jelly and sliced strawberries; and The Kicker with spicy peanut butter and jelly. Milkshakes are $3.75 and flavors include peanut butter, vanilla, strawberry, PB&J, buckeye and chocolate.

Krema's peanut butters can be found in a number of grocery stores, but the milkshakes, sandwiches and other confections are limited to the store. The retail outlet (1000 Goodale Blvd.) also sells Buckeye Crunch, caramel popcorn drizzles with peanut butter and chocolate, an item that I've seen occasionally at Kroger or Giant Eagle. I tried a sample and it was very good. I'm pretty sure I tried it years ago when a co-worker brought it in, but never bought any when I saw it at the grocery since it seemed addictive.

For more information on visiting the Krema Nut Company's retail store, visit The company offers tours of it's peanut butter making by appointment.