Mid-Ohio Foodbank benefits from central Ohioans patronizing select restaurants and eateries on June 20. Let the Food Fight begin!

When you eat out, you help someone else eat by aiding the foodbank's fundraising efforts.

Food Fight

Did you know The Mid-Ohio Foodbank can turn $1 into 3 meals? You can help them raise money, which multiplies into meals. The Mid-Ohio Foodbank will benefit from central Ohioans eating out or grabbing an ice cream cone or fro yo on Wednesday, June 20. That day, 5% of sales at select locations will benefit the food bank. For a list of participating restaurants and eateries and to learn more about "The Fight Against Hunger", visit http://www.foodfighthunger.com/. Now you'll have an excuse to have some dessert or skip cooking on a hot day!