Try out some new and different offerings from central Ohio Food Carts at the festival July 13 at Columbus Commons or at the Dinin' Hall.

Food Trucks

The Columbus Food Truck & Cart Festival is tomorrow at Columbus Commons from noon to 10 p.m. The event will include games, cornhole tournament, bands, alcohol and kids activities in addition to the food served by the roaming food providers.

You never forget your first and mine was The Cheesy Truck last year. Since then, a dozen more trucks have come onto the scene. Some I've spotted included Mojo Tago, The Paddywagon, Green Meanie, Earth's Crust and a couple of others.

Dinin' Hall

If you find you like eating from Food Trucks and Carts, a new place has cropped up in Franklinton where you can try different ones. Usually, two food truck/cart options are available each day. You place your order at the carts in the parking area and grab some number cards and receipts, then head indoors to pay. A small garage area has been revamped into a dining area with a couple of large tables and a number of other smaller tables with fresh-painted red or white chairs.

What I tried: I had watermelon salad from freedom a la cart ($4) and a Shiznite dog from Green Meanie food truck ($7.75). I was disappointed with the watermelon salad as I kinda thought it would have more flavor and there'd be more of it for the price. It was OK. However, I liked the Shiznite and the fixins and would get it again. The panko coating on the dog makes it extra crunchy and tasty. I pretty much didn't eat any of the white bread slice it was cradled in, but enjoyed the veggies and jalepeno cream cheese that came on it. I'd like to go back sometime and I think if you go during the week (Monday through Thursday) it's probably not as busy. There were people there when I arrived and a few more walking to it from down the street.

The Dinin' Hall is located about a quarter to a half mile from the Scioto Mile and bridge area. Be on the lookout for a chainlink fence and be prepared to come upon it pretty quickly. It's located at 400 W. Rich St. in Franklinton, which is accross the river from downtown. If you pass under the innerbelt, you've gone too far (which is what happened to us) and you want to turn around asap.

The Dinin' Hall had a few drinks for sale including Mexican Coke-$2, Root Beer-$2, San Pelligrino-$1.75, Izze Juice and Diet Coke-$1.50 and bottled water for $1.50. Also some desserts from local bakery Pattycake were for sale for $2.75 and Sun Chips are $1.50.

No need to bring lotsa cash, just some dollars or change for tips. The Dinin' Hall accepts cards. It's a pretty cool and unexpected place and I hope you have a chance to try it out.

To find out what trucks will be there, check out the calendar and menu at

Have fun trying the food trucks/carts!