A couple of places to go in Zanesville.


I realized recently that I don't really have any nice serving bowls-just chip and dip platters. I have lots of Fiesta ware, so I decided I wanted that type of bowl. I decided to look online and found that Zanesville Pottery sold Fiesta and remembered my friend having said she bought some there for a good price. I found a peacock serving bowl for $12.99, which regularly retails for $35. They have a number of different colors and items available at this store, but don't plan on being able to get 4 of a set per se. There's mainly bits and pieces. They do have the Ohio State bread plate for $16.99 and an additional discount for those of you who like to tailgate.

The store also has lots of other items, including other made in the USA pottery. Nice lasagna bakers, grilling stones, pizza stones, pie bakers, dog dishes and spongewear made in Crooksville. However, be careful-a few items are made in China, especially many of the planters. I think the best bargain at the place was the birdbath tops for $3, which I think I would have bought to put succulents in if I didn't already have a container for them.

To plan your visit, check out their website at http://www.zanesvillepottery.com/ A couple of antiques-filled buildings are located nearby for those of you that like to look at those sorts of things.

If you plan on going for a short trip and don't have too much time, plan on making a stop at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl. It's a cute little shop that serves sandwiches and soups and looks kind of like an old soda shop/diner-especially since the guys at the counter wear bow ties. They also sell candy and nuts. I had an ice cream cake with fudge and it really hit the spot. They have a large number of ice cream possibilities. The desserts are around $3.50-$5 for a sundae and sandwiches are around $4. It's located off Maple Street and parking is on the street. I saw a tour bus heading there as I was leaving and imagine it's a popular spot on the weekends. To see the menu, visit http://www.tomsicecreambowl.com/.

There is also a nice art musuem downtown, but I didn't get a chance to visit it since heavy rainstorms moved in and I decided to leave town before it got too bad. I'll be going to it in a future visit-I especially want to see the British room brought back by Hearst. I also plan on going to Weasel Boy Brewing Co. to check out beer made by co-worker Lori Wince and her husband.

Some fun, free events coming up this Friday include Screen on the Green with "Steel Magnolias" at Goodale Park and Food Fort Fest at EDCI, 1655 Old Leonard Ave., which will feature local food trucks for your dining pleasure and to celebrate Local Foods week.