Sky Zone trampoline park in Lewis Center is great fun and great exercise.

Sky Zone

I've been wanting to do this for some time now and had forgotten about it even though it's located less than a mile from work. I recently went with a group and we had the place all to ourselves and it was great. I felt it was pretty fun and it's quite a bit of exercise. We had an hour there and it was plenty of time. In addition to a large area with lots of trampolines and a couple of areas where you can do flips onto a mat, there's an area to jump into a bunch of foam blocks and a dodgeball area.

The cost was $10 for our group and included special shoes to wear while jumping. If you want, you can go barefoot. They have lockers to put your coats, shoes, etc. in so take change if you need to do this. Costs for individuals is $8 for 30 minutes or $12 for an hour.

SkyZone also offers fitness classes, which is what I was planning on going there for about a year ago. You must sign a waiver and it's best to download it and take it with you before you go there.

It is located in the Orange Point warehouses off of Rt. 23 in Lewis Center.

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