Meat-laden pizza review by ThisWeek News staffers on Friday.

We tried Romeo's butcher shop pizza which features pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and crumbled meatballs.
It retails for Small - $10.99, Med - $15.99, Large - $17.99.

Here's what we thought of the specialty pizza:

Very good. Sausage and bacon were pleasantly crisp. Chewy crust, sweet sauce. I'd buy it. (Added later on: It made me really, really thirsty.)

The Butcher Shop Pizza: definitely not a misnomer. As a co-worker said said, "Pork is king" on this pizza. The slightly sweet sauce was a nice counterpoint to the saltiness of all the meat.

The Butcher Shop pizza isn't bad, but it has some issues. First, it's a little too sweet. Second, it lacks cheese, though I get it: It's name implies it's a meat pizza. Finally, for such few toppings, it shouldn't be that soggy. I don't want the toppings to fall into the box when picking up the slice.

It was VERY good. Love the sweet sauce combined with the pepperoni, bacon and sausage. (But now I'm going to hell because it's Friday, I'm Catholic and it's the Lenten season. I remembered that about three bites in but could not exercise enough self-denial to stop.)

I definitely like the thin crust for this one. The sauce seems a little sweeter than what I would typically go for, but the variety of the meat provides good contrast. I like the amount of toppings per slice.

I like a pizza with lots of toppings, so when I picked up a slice of Romeo's pizza and bits and pieces started falling back into the box, I figured things were off to a good start. There were, indeed, LOTS of toppings, and the resulting flavor was quite tasty: not too salty, not too spicy, just a nice blend. Plus, the crust stayed crisp.

It's a great choice for the meat-lovers in the crowd – I'd order it again - but anyone who is even thinking about turning vegan should make another selection.

I'm not usually into that much meat on my pizza, but I really liked the bacon and sausage-they were well cooked and a little crispy. I really like the sweeter sauce with the meat for contrast. I see this as an "Uh oh, I'm going to be craving this in the future" situation. I can see why it won an award.