Free concerts at the new Hollywood Casino offer a chance to see acts in a fairly intimate setting.

Eddie Money performs "Two Tickets to Paraise" at the Hollywood Casino on March 30.

Concerts at the casino

The new Hollywood casino opened a few months back and I hadn't checked it out until this past Saturday. I went to the Eddie Money concert and didn't spend a penny (except for gas to get there) on the entire outing. Seems pretty crazy to me, but I'm glad I took advantage of it.

The concert was held in the o.h. lounge. I suggest you get there 45 minutes to an hour early to get a spot as it fills up pretty quickly. My friend offers the tip that you bring cash to use if you want to buy an alcoholic drink. Most alcoholic drinks (beer/jack and coke) are $5 and you can get fast service at the cash-only side bars. Otherwise, it takes longer and you have to close out your tab each time you buy a drink. I took advantage of the FREE soda and water offered at the machine near the bathroom/smoking area.

The casino offers free parking in a multi-level garage, but also offers valet parking-take money for valet and tip if you don't want to park in the garage. It wasn't really that far of a walk from the garage to the elevator and then into the casino.

We had a decent view of the stage and the group I was with was about 25-30 feet from the stage and wasn't too crowded in. (You will stand close to people, but they're not running into you.) The concert was fairly intimate and I like most Eddie Money songs, so it was a great time. There was a large group and once you left the lounge area, it was difficult to get back in to the lounge area. There are lots of large screen TVs and projectors that show the concert througout the casino, so no worries if you would rather not stand so close or in a crowd. Be sure to have a phone or plan on a place to meet in case you get separated from friends and family as it's much larger than you think and easy to get lost.

I didn't gamble so I can't say what all they offered, but there were tables and tons of slots. It looked to be a cashless system until you were done and you cashed in your winnings with a ticket. Be sure to have your I.D. handy as you walk in the casino and they do make sure you are 18 or older.

Even if you're not that into the band that's playing, there's plenty of people watching...

The casino is offering a free Salt N Pepa concert on May 3. I'm not sure of any concerts planned up until that date. Check the casino website at for any planned events and additional information. The casino is located at 200 Georgesville Road.