Hayden Falls is a hidden gem located on the western side of the Scioto River off of Hayden Run Road.

Hidden gem

Did you know central Ohio has its own falls? The approximately 30-foot falls is located near the Scioto River and Griggs Reservoir on the western side of the Hayden Run Road bridge. It's pretty much impossible to get to the parking lot when traveling west, so you'll have to be coming from the western side heading east on Hayden Run Road to access the parking lot.

The boardwalk trail starts at the top of the hill by the sign and there are quite a few steps to descend to get down to the boardwalk. So, don't go there if it's been rainy or there's been a frost, because it will be slippery. Now is a great time to see the falls and take the short trek on the boardwalk to see the fall colors against the water and large rock walls. It's very scenic and the sound of the falls is soothing. It's a very short trail, probably taking the average person no more than 5 minutes to get to the falls while walking at a leisurely pace. Of course, it's free to visit as it's part of the Columbus Parks and Recreation system. I would caution that even though it's a short trail on a boardwalk, you'll want to wear sturdy shoes.

To learn more about this little nature park, visit http://parks.columbus.gov/Facility.aspx?id=25722.