Low-price store offers food and other items for a decent price.

Did you know that Aldi is owned by Trader Joe's. That's right, Aldi is part of the Trader Joe's family. Although most of the brands are not ones you're used to seeing in the grocery, quite a few are just as good as if not better than the more mainstream brands. Most of their health food falls under the Fit n' Active name. I like to buy Bolthouse Farms juices, some produce, frozen fruit and trail mix there. The prices they offer are quite a bit less than at other stores, even on sale. For example, pineapple for $1.29 is pretty hard to beat. I will caution that you need to look produce over and only buy the things that look good.

Aldi is a cash or debit card only store. They do not accept credit cards, so be sure to have your bank card or some George Washingtons with you.

Aldi also offers non-food items such as exercise equipment, kitchen goods, bathroom items, car and mechanical tools, healthcare items and more. I even bought my camping tent and inflatable sleeping pad there. My tent was great-didn't leak like the $500 one I borrowed and my sleeping pad made sleeping outside fairly comfortable.

So, think twice about shopping at Aldi to save money on produce and a few other items. They have a fairly large selection and it's no frills approach saves money.

***Tip: Bring your own bags to put items in as they don't give them away. You have to buy plastic bags or reusable bags.***