Juicing seems to be the latest trend to make its way to central Ohio from the West Coast. I expect at least one more juice bar to open this year.

I think the cupcake and yogurt shops have reached a saturation point for central Ohio and I'm glad to see a healthier option being offered in the new juice shops. I've been juicing this week in the
mornings to try to heal a shoulder injury I've had for months that hasn't gotten better-until now. After my first day of juicing (4 juices per day), I already noticed the pain in my shoulder was subsiding.
I'm in no way saying juicing is going to heal your ailments (you want to seek medical advice before starting a special diet or exercise regimen), but I tried it and so far, so good for me. All that energy my body used
to digest solid foods is now being used to heal my problem areas and juice provides my body with tons of nutrients and helps rid it of toxins. The only downside I've experienced is some hunger pangs
and the need to go to the restroom frequently. Some people have bad reactions to juicing, my sister got sick, so be careful.


Native Cold Pressed

This new spot is located next to one of my favorite stores in the Short North, Tigertree. It's located in the shops just to the south of Hubbard off of North High Street.
The space is sparse, but in a relaxing way. I love the bottles, which you get 25 cents for when you return one and get a new juice, with the feather and square shape. Even though a bottle doesn't fit in my car cup holder, I'm going to let the aesthetics override this problem. I'm sure most people who stop there are going to be drinking it as they walk along High Street, not sipping it in their car. They have just enough choices not to be overwhelming and the help is kind to offer suggestions. After going over the fact that I've done juicing so I know what to expect with the person helping me, I decided on the Sweet Green and Sweet Carrot. I had yet to try juice with bok choy or coconut water when I made my selections. Juicing is not cheap and the juices here cost $10 for the Sweet Green and $9 for Sweet Carrot. It takes quite a bit of organic produce to make a 16 oz. glass of juice, so the price is understandable. They're a slightly higher than prices I saw in Austin, but pretty close. Juices come in either 16 oz. for $8-10 or 8oz. for $4-6.

The address for Native Cold Pressed is is 771-A N. High St. and more information about the juice bar can be found at www.nativecoldpressed.com. If you want to see if the store has a particular flavor before making the drive, call 614.477.3887.


This new store opened up adjacent to the Aussie Fit Club spot in The Market at Mill Run in Hilliard. There's even a window where Aussie Fit members can order juicy, smoothies, wraps and power bowls from Pulp inside the fitness center. The menu here is more extensive since they offer smoothies and food in addition to juice. The juices come from 3 bases and then you can choose between 5 other add-on items. I got the Apple base with cucumber and beet added on. You choose a total of three items for your juice. Mine was fairly sweet, but not overpowering. I was glad with my choice, but a little disappointed the machine they use to get wheatgrass shots from was missing a part and I couldn't add it on to my juice choices. I had to wait about 5 minutes for my juice. The place just opened, so they're still working on ironing things out. I think next time I would try a smoothie. The smoothie menu is more extensive and you get a free "pulp enhancer" of energy, fat burner, whey protein, soy protein, stress relief, immunity, smart blend, vitamin, hangover blend or fiber for free and you can add more for 50 cents apiece. Juices, which come in 16 oz. sizes, cost $5. Smoothies categorized in soy, citrus, high-energy, tropical, super and classic cost $4 for a kids up to $6.75 for a large. Prices are fixed for each size in each category. Wraps cost $6 and salads are $4 with a $2 charge to add tuna or chicken.

There are plans to put one in Delaware. At this time it's a food truck, according to the person working at the new store in Hilliard. It's open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and more information can be found on its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PulpHilliard. The phone number is 614-655-PULP.

Samba Fresh

Samba Fresh, located at the corner of Dierker and Henderson roads, offers a variety of fresh pressed juices. The owner is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He is willing to let you try each juice and then help you customize a plan if that's what you're looking to do. At present there are eight juice options, each costing $8. Pretty simple setup and the ingredients are on the label if you're wondering what's in the bottle. I got two to try that were ones with stuff I haven't tried before. Amazonic contains spirulina, chlorella, raw honey and grapefruit and has a light, citrusy taste. The other one I got, Detox, has habanero pepper and quite a bite to it. There's a lighter version of it called D2 for those who don't like too much spicy stuff. The space is bright and airy with a couch and table along with bright, health-related quotes and images on the walls. You get a discount if you share your experience on social media, which is nice. I think I'd get the Amazonic again, despite the steep price. My skin already looks better and I had quite a bit of energy after drinking half of it and half of the Detox flavor juice. For more information, visit http://www.sambafresh.com/

Whole Foods orange juice

Whole Foods Dublin now has a machine in the produce area that allows you to bottle your own fresh-squeezed organic orange juice. I tried a sample before buying a bottle full of it. To me, it's good deal at $3.99 for a 16 oz. bottle. It's similar to what I paid for some in Austin and the LaQuinta Farmer's Market. It's sweet, but not overpowering.

Phatt Taqueria and Juice Bar

I have yet to try the juices here because it was closed when I made a trip. It doesn't have hours posted and only has a Facebook page, so I still have no idea when it's open. It's located downtown just south of the corner of Gay and High streets.