A short day trip for singles, couples or families takes you through rolling green pastures to a few fun destination stores.

I recently took a road trip off I-71 north to check out several sites located near state Route 30.


Wooster has a charming downtown area with a record store, some cute cafes and an art gallery. If I go back, I'd like to eat at Spoon or The Butcher Shop. It also has an Everything Rubbermaid store. The store is located on the main square and it is four floors. Each floor features different Rubbermaid products, with the top floor holding bargain closeout items. I suggest you start in the bargain area and then make your way down each level to pick up any other items you were looking for. I had no expectations and didn't realize the store was so large. I picked up more than I planned purchasing a few items, all of them from the bargain area. In addition to Rubbermaid products, they also have a few paint supplies, hair items and miscellaneous goods. This place has a large selection of coolers (even camouflage ones!), storage containers of all sizes, trash and recycling items and small household products. In addition they have larger products such as wheelbarrows, gardening wagons, sheds and kids play centers. They also have a few closet organizer items and underbed boxes. For more information, visit https://www.everythingrubbermaidstore.com/

The fourth floor bargain area at Everything Rubbermaid in downtown Wooster.

J.M. Smucker Store and Cafe

About a 10 minute drive from downtown Wooster is the J.M. Smucker store and cafe. It's located about a mile off of Rt. 57 and can easily be seen with its large windmill at the entrance/exit area. The store features products in the J.M. Smucker portfolio for sale in addition to a small museum area and cafe. Visitors should allow 10-15 minutes to go through a small museum/timeline area which tells about the history of the company through recorded TV messages, photos, artifacts and a timeline.

The store features everything from coffee to flavored toppings in addition to a large jam/jelly/preserves store shelf. It also features some clothing such as Jif socks, logo aprons, bakeware and china. I tried a couple of samples they had on offer and picked up a recipe card to accompany the Dickinson's onion pepper relish I bought to make the dip I tried. The store features various specials and the one they had while I was there was lemon products for 10% off with an array of their lemon items on display. You can also print out a coupon for 10% off their website to take to use on your visit.

The cafe has sandwiches, soups, pizzas and numerous bakery/pastry items for sale. There's also an ice cream machine with an area to top your vanilla with one of their products. They have preserves, syrup with nuts, caramel/chocolate/strawberry syrup and a variety of hard shell/crackle toppings.

Visitors can also get their photo with a statue of the Pillsbury Dough Boy in the store. To plan your visit, check out http://www.jmsmucker.com/smuckers-corporate/smuckers-store-orrville

*Be sure you are going to the store and cafe and not their nearby headquarters on Strawberry Lane.

Visitors can pose for a picture with the Pillsbury Dough Boy inside the store and cafe, left.


After driving about 15 minutes further down S.R. 30, turn onto Kidron Road and head to Lehmans. The store carries a large variety and caters to the local Mennonite community offering make your own items and non-electric goods. The place is expansive and has numerous old farm tools hanging throughout the store spaces, which adds some fun and charm. They sell a variety of tools such as wood-handled axes, grain grinders and two-person saws. They also offer a variety of gardening, grilling and homemaking supplies. The store features a large selection of cooking and bakeware items and pottery. I also found an area for soap-making supplies, laundry supplies, candle-making supplies, oil lamps, natural first-aid and pain-relief items from Badger, Tiger Balm and Unker's. They also have some wood furniture, drying racks and appliances. The online store has a number of things I couldn't find at the store. I'd allow about an hour to wonder around and look at items. Another thing Lehman's has is an impressive selection of root beer and sarssparilla. They have some old-time/old-fashioned candy, too. During my visit, I did not make a stop at their cafe and only saw a chalkboard sign for specialty coffee drinks, so I'm not sure what they offer there and when it is open. Check out their website in advance so you get an idea of some of the odds and ends they sell.

To see some of their products and get a feel for the store, visit https://www.lehmans.com/

Some of the items for sale at Lehman's include nut laundry soap and bio blocks.

*If you like cheese or chocolates, stop by Shisler's Cheese Shop on the corner. They have a large selection of pies and baked goods, too. A Mennonite man was outside selling handmade baskets and brooms when I went by. There's also a number of "Amish Wood Furniture" stores on this route if you're looking for that sort of thing.