A number of walking opportunities allow you to learn while you get exercise. HOOFit walks, Commit To Be Fit hikes and Columbus Art Walks are great opportunities to explore central Ohio, get a workout and work on your gray cells.

Our group at HOOFit learned that the Red-crowned Crane, seen in Asia Quest, has a four-chamber heart like humans, however, unlike humans they have air ducts to help them keep their blood oxygenated at all times. Because of their blood oxygenation process, they can fly long distances without stopping.

Hoofit at the zoo

Ohio Health doctors and zoo educators lead small groups around the zoo to learn about zoo animals and human health. The last walk planned for this summer is Sept. 18 and will feature primary care physicians and the topic of preparing for the cold weather. The walks last about an hour and participants can ask the doctor any questions they may have. Zoo admission is $14.99 for adults and parking is $8. You can tour the zoo at your own leisure after the walk. Preregister for the event at https://www.ohiohealth.com/pages/hoofit/hoofit.html

Commit To Be Fit hikes at Metro Parks

The 10TV Commit to be Fit program, featuring Jeff Hogan, has fall hikes planned. The first one is planned for this Sunday at Blacklick Woods at 1 p.m. Hikes are roughly 2 miles long and include a park ranger. All hikes take begin on Sundays at 1 p.m. For a list of all fall hike locations, visit http://www.10tv.com/content/pages/commit-to-be-fit-calendar.html.

*There's still time to do the GeoTrail Geocaching program at Metro Parks through the end of the month. http://reservations.metroparks.net/programs/#2

Columbus Art Walks

Guided walks were offered this summer in various central Ohio neighborhoods. You can download an app for either your iPhone or Android to go explore your own art walk at your own pace. You can see murals and other art while you get outdoors and get some exercise.