Kevan George was thrilled to play in last weekend's road match against Montreal. After all, it beats the game he has been playing for the past nine months.

You know, the waiting game.

Kevan George was thrilled to play in last weekend’s road match against Montreal. After all, it beats the game he has been playing for the past nine months.

You know, the waiting game.

“I was ecstatic,” he said after training this week. “I was very happy. I missed it a lot, and when I got out there I just breathed a sigh of relief because I’ve been waiting that moment. I welcome those moments.”

After earning the start in the Crew’s 2-1 loss at Montreal on July 8, 2012, George made just one more appearance when he came on in the final minute of the team’s regular-season finale against Toronto. In his return to Montreal, the midfielder came on as a substitute for Danny O’Rourke and played the final eight minutes of a 1-1 draw against the Impact.

He earned the nod rather than Matias Sanchez, who had been fulfilling that late-game substitution role, in large part due to his height, head coach Robert Warzycha said. George stands 6-foot-2 while Sanchez checks in at 5-foot-8.

While George said he has used the time to learn from players ahead of him like Tony Tchani, Agustin Viana and O’Rourke, “It’s been very tough mentally. Obviously you want to play. You can’t compare this level to the collegiate level. It’s completely different. I just want to learn and get better, and if I have to sit behind those guys for a little (bit), then I have to. It’s the coach’s decision and I just try to keep getting better every day.”

George played a little center back during the preseason, but when asked about it he chuckled and said he is more comfortable as a midfielder.

“That’s where I’ve played all my life, but I can learn a bit from center back,” he said. “The coaches threw me back there a couple times in the reserve games last year and they liked how I looked. They’ve been trying me there. I didn’t know I could play center back until they threw me back there. It’s just adding to my game.”

Road trip!
You can apparently tell a lot about a Crew player by where he sits on the team bus.

When the Crew’s game against Montreal was delayed 22 hours due to winter weather, the team had to alter its travel plans as well. That meant a bus ride to Vermont before a chartered flight home, and after earning a hard-fought road point it was a celebratory drive.

“I think everybody was pretty happy getting one point on the road against a very good team that has been playing really well,” midfielder Eddie Gaven said. “Also with all the things that happened with the snow and moving the game to noon, which was a little bit earlier than most of us were used to. With all those things, getting a point, I think everybody was definitely happy and we were all excited to get back to the U.S. We spent a little more time in Canada maybe than we wanted to, but it was being able to take a bus and take a charter and have a little bit of team bonding.”

The drive was about an hour and a half to the border, where the team then had to pass through customs before another 45 minutes or so to Burlington.

The front of the bus was apparently more buzzing than the back, where Federico Higuain and Matias Sanchez entertained others by blaring and singing along to music by the Rolling Stones. Gaven, who said he was sitting closer to the back, said he missed out on the show.

Goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum, who said he sat “middle-back,” expressed his reservations.

“I think the guys in the front are more of the non-English-speaking variety, if you will,” he said, tongue planted firmly in cheek. “They kind of do their own weird thing. I don’t want to catch anything as far as their musical taste go. Except for (Higuain). He’s into some good stuff, but I don’t know. I get the vibe with Matty’s haircut that he’s into some club stuff that I don’t want to be involved with.”

Said Gaven: “I usually sit in the back and put my headphones on. I don’t know what they were doing up there with all their antics. That definitely wouldn’t surprise me.”

Forward Dominic Oduro, who scored the Crew’s goal in spectacular fashion, said he earned some good-natured ribbing from his teammates.

“It was long, but it was enjoyable because we really played well and also the fact that I scored a beautiful goal,” he said. “We were cracking up and guys were saying I closed my eyes to score that goal or I couldn’t put a ball in the net like that in 100 tries.”