Instead of launching into a big diatribe about ribs in Columbus and the Jazz & Rib Fest, I decided to keep my thoughts short and sweet: Of the four vendors I tried, I was lukewarm to only one: Famous Daveís. The other three stunk. I didnít check to see who won or if there was even a winner. I donít care. Of course, Iím an incorrigible grouch about outdoor food festivals: Itís usually too hot, parking is tough to find (or too expensive), the beer selectionís terrible, lines are too long and the food is usually overpriced. I spent about $30 on four ďsamplesĒ and a pop. Another gripe: I went Saturday afternoon and the rain moistened what few seats there were. Eating ribs standing up isnít easy or fun. Well, the diatribe lasted longer than I wanted but my assessment of the festival stands. I doubt Iíll return any time soon.