Ohio Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Were you thinking of getting a new appliance with your tax refund? If so, you're in luck. Beginning on Friday, March 26, Ohioans could sign up to get a rebate for a new appliance. The Ohio Energy Efficiency Rebate Program allows a consumer to get money towards a qualifying new energy-efficient appliance purchased in Ohio. There are some stipulations, however, such as no internet purchases and the appliance must meet certain guidelines outlined on the Web site. So, be sure you understand all of the criteria before you sign up. Also, you cannot keep the old appliance and must provide proof that it was recycled and rendered inoperable. You might want to hurry, though, as they are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Appliance rebates available: Refrigerator-$100 Clothes washer-$150 Dishwasher-$100 High-efficiency gas storage water heater-$100 Electric heat pump water heater-$250. To find out which appliances qualify, calculate the energy and cost savings your new appliance may provide and information on getting a rebate, visit the Web site www.ohioappliancerebate.com.