Sun protection products with low hazard ratings from Environmental Working Group and rash guards.

Sun care items for sale at Whole Foods on Sawmill include Badger (currently on sale) and Kiss My Face products.

EWG's best-rated sun products

Every year I check out Environmental Working Group's sun care guide. As they point out, no product is a total sunblock.

Here's a list of the top 10 rated spf 15-30 products:

1. Releve Organic Skincare by Emerald Essentials Sun-Lite Sunscreen SPF 20

2. Green Screen Organic Sunscreen SPF 22 tinted

3. Green Screen Organic Sunscreen SPF 20 original

4. The Honest Company SPF 20

5. Healing-Scents Mineral Based Sunscreen SPF 25

6. Karen's Botanicals Simple Sun Block unscented SPF 30

7. Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff mineral lotion SPF 30

8. Marie Veronique Organics Kids SunSafe SPF 30+

9. Goddess Garden Baby Natural Sunscreen

10. Tropical Sands Face Stick SPF 30

All of these can be purchased online.

Some others:

• All Terrain and Alba Botanicals can be purchased on the Raisin Rack website,

• Coola can be purchased online at

• Badger products can be purchased at Whole Foods stores and online.

• Kiss My Face can be purchased at Whole Foods and online.

• Aubrey Organics can be purchased online.

• Tropical Sands (formerly known as MexiTan) can be purchased online at

Rash Guards and Swim Shirts

In addition to planning on buying a new, safer sun protection agent, I also purchased a rash guard. What's a rash guard or swim shirt you ask? It's a shirt worn by surfers, snorkelers, paddleboarders and other water sport enthusiasts. In addition to protecting the skin from abrasions, they usually provide sun protection. I bought mine at the Eddie Bauer Warehouse Store for around $16 with tax. Many of the online reviews of rash guards said the shirt was short, so I wanted to make sure I was able to try one on to see if it was long enough for me or not. Also, there's need to shell out $50-60 for one, I've seen quite a few new (and stylish!) ones for sale on eBay for $15-20. (The EWG report starts its report by saying the best sunscreen is a shirt and hat. No chemicals for the skin to absorb, no questions about whether the product works and no bogus claims.)

For a total list of sun care products and their ratings, visit For a $5 donation, they'll send you their Skin Deep guide.