Check out the new lush store at Easton and the inhabit website when you have time.


The new store opened at Easton recently and I stopped by to check it out. One of my good friends alerted me when Lush was opening an outpost at the Macy's at The Mall at Tuttle Crossing, but I never got a chance to check it out. My sister bought me a few of their products for Christmas (shower jelly, toner and charcoal face mask) during a trip to Chicago and I was fairly impressed with them. Lately my hair has been a bit dry and frizzy, so I decided to buy some solid shampoo. Wow! was I surprised how well it worked. It didn't smell as good as I hoped, but it did do a great job of moisturizing and detangling. All of the products from Lush are made with fresh, natural ingredients and they do not test on animals-they only test on humans. Products are made in Canada and a sticker with a likeness of the employee who made your product and the date it was made/will expire are included on most containers. The staff member I spoke to was very familiar with the products and made good suggestions. However, I will admit their stuff seems a little pricey, but I feel it's worth it not to have a ton of synthetic chemicals absorbed into my skin. My solid shampoo ($11.75) doesn't look like much, but should last two months. (Not having to detangle my hair every day = priceless) To learn more about the store before you visit, check out The store is located at 3951 Easton Square Place East near Brio.


One of my favorite places to get inspiration and be amazed is a site called Inhabit: Design For a Better World. I kind of think of it as a sort of eco-friendly Pinterest site. It seems to have grown a little bit more over the past year and includes all sorts of "green" topics, from architecture to fashion to energy to transportation. There's even a kids section called "inhabitots" that features cool ideas and products. If you're looking to cut your energy bill this winter, check out the video on 6 smart products to lower your energy bill or the video on programmable thermostats. My programmable thermostat has saved me at least a few dollars a month since it was installed by not heating or cooling my house when I'm not home.

*One of the big stories up on it right now is about how Germany will be exporting energy from its wind and solar power installations.

If you have some spare time, check out the site at