Ideas for places to buy locally-made items and a documentary about climate change as seen through the disappearance of glaciers.

Buying local

This month's Green Drinks at Brother's Drake focused on buying local. Several shops where you can buy locally-made items include Tigertree in the Short North, Wholly Craft! in Clintonville, Golden Hobby Shop in German Village, Ohio Craft Musuem in Grandview Heights and Simply Vague at The Mall at Tuttle Crossing. Buying local supports local artisans, helps keep dollars in the hands of residents and helps curb transportation emissions. If you don't have a Small Business Beanstalk (SBB) card yet, be sure to get one. With your SBB card, you can support local, independent businesses and save a little at the same time. It looks much like the loyalty shopper cards you get to the grocery and other retailers and affixes to your keychain. For a list of deals and offerings with your SBB card, visit I love that someone had the brains and ingenuity to come up with this great idea-thanks Timothy Wolf Starr! Of course, keep on shopping at all the other wonderful independently-owned stores, restaurants and businesses this holiday season and all year long.

Also, Yelp! Will be holding an event about shopping local at Easton Dec. 19.

Scary Scenario by Ohio artist Charley Harper.

Chasing Ice

Nature photographer James Balog set out to capture the glaciers in Greenland for National Geographic. He later returned with the Extreme Ice Survey to document the glaciers of Alaska, Greenland, Montana (Glacier National Park) and Iceland through photos and video. He started the project back in 2007, but had some setbacks with his original camera setups and had to go back and redo them. The movie documents his journey and also shows firsthand the receding of the glaciers at an alarming pace. I know it seems hard to believe, but some glaciers that only moved a few miles in a hundred years have moved almost five times that in three years. The photos and scenery in the movie are beautiful to see and I highly recommend going to see it at Gateway Film Center before it's gone. (It appears to have been given an extended run there-so don't miss out.) Balog has since toured and traveled showing his photos and findings at TED and at the Copenhagen summit. To get an glimpse of Balog's photography and see some of the glacier photos, visit

To watch a trailer of the movie, visit

*Also, lots of holiday parties may mean you'll be drinking wine and champagne. If that's the case, be sure to grab your corks and take them to Camelot Cellars to be recycled into sandals. Plastic bottle caps can also be recycled and they take these at the Generation Green Store next to Trader Joe's on Sawmill in Dublin.