Movie about a road trip across the country learning about 'green' living practices and the movement towards being environmentally conscious.

Y.E.R.T. Your Environmental Road Trip

This month's Green Drinks event was at Studio 35 for the showing of the aforementioned movie. A married couple and another man embark on a trip to visit each state in the country where they learn about a different topic related to the environment, sustainability, and green living. They are allowed only one shoebox size amount of trash each month of the journey.

Some of my favorite highlights from the film:

*The visit to West Virginia where you learn just how dirty coal mining is. The people in the area are left with toxic water due to the mining and mountaintop removal. The water comes in all shades of red, green and gray for a local family and many in the town are suffering from cancer-related illnesses.

*Solar Road which would use solar arrays as roadways to tap the power of the sun to create enough energy for the country.

*The City Museum in St. Louis where junk and unused items are turned into a fantastical playground.

*350 movement and organization. The group, 350, is a global movement to solve the climate crisis. The number 350 stands for the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to allow the planet to sustain itself-350 ppm. (***Yikes! It's currently at 392 ppm***) For more on the group, visit

*Joe Salatin, iconic philosopher-farmer. Uses a variety of farming techniques that promote sustainability.

*Dugout Dick, a 90-something cave dweller, who makes caves for others in the area. They're not fancy, but offer beautiful views and even temperatures.

*Mothership building. I'd seen about this before on TV. It's a giant adobe-type dwelling that is the ultimate in self-sustainable living.

If you get the chance to see the movie, you'll be amazed at the wonderful things people across the country are doing. I learned quite a lot and had a few good laughs.

Don't forget Earth Day is coming in April! Sign up at This year's theme is "Stand Together." I hope you'll stand with us.