Some fo the heirloom seedlings that will be for sale May 11.

I've known Allison Collins for more than 15 years as we met while working together. I recently met her husband at the screening of Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT) at Studio 35 for Green Drinks a few months back.

The duo have created Como Yardens at their home at 268 E. Como Ave. in Clintonville. Allison says Justin read an article on permaculture and the two started doing some serious gardening about six years ago. The project now includes their neighbors at 274 E. Como Ave.

The couple have let the plants go during the winter and they're slowly getting a few perennials back now that the weather is warmer. The groundcover that has taken over (dandelion and red dead-nettle) will be chopped up, left in place and used as 'green mulch.' They also have a variety of insects on their property since starting the garden, including preying mantis, bees and wasps and let them roam freely. Rooney enjoys beekeeping and has a hive in the back yard. The bees help to pollinate the plants, but there is some problem with colony collapse syndrome.

The perennial plants on their property include lovage, rhubarb, lavendar and strawberries. Fruit trees include nectarines, plums and peaches. Other plants include raspberries and a set of hardy kiwi plants. Some of the herbs in the garden include sage, parsley and mint. The couple began growing carrots, beets, parsnip and radishes in a bed near their house during the winter. They get many plants from other people now that word of Como Yarden has spread.

Collins said that they have met many of their neighbors through the garden and sometimes passersby will shout out words of encouragement or praise. The garden is located across from a small park and near the Olentangy Bike Trail. They have also hosted bike tours and homeschool groups. Collins said she enjoys letting the kids pick their own plants and then try them and is excited many of them find they like a vegetable they didn't even know they liked before.

Collins also will hold a seedling sale at Como Yarden on May 11 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. All of the plants will cost $3 and are heirloom varieties such as tula tomatoes and red marconi peppers . Plants that don't sell will be given to the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center.

For more information about Como Yarden, check out the Facebook page at