Effort to turn land in Weinland Park into garden and the items grown would be sold at a farmers market in the neighborhood.

Weinlard Park Food District

Efforts are under way to turn Weinland Park into a garden paradise. As part of the 2014 Ohio Master Urban Farmer Workshop Series, graduates will receive free assistance in on securing land, tools and seeds to start a garden at Weinland Park. Graduates of the program also have an opportunity to sell their food at a new farmers market in the Weinland Park neighborhood. The Urban Farmer Workshop Series is an OSU Extension. To register, coplete a form and return it with a $75 check payable to The Ohio State University or the form with request for financial scholarship.

For more information about scholarships or the program, contact Mike Hogan at 740-653-5419 or email hogan.1.@osu.edu.

Registration cutoff is Jan. 23, 2014. Here's a link to get the form and details: http://www.local-matters.org/content/registration-deadline-2014-ohio-master-urban-farmer-workshop-series