Downsize your wallet with a hip, stylish ZeroZ wallet made from partially-recycled/reclaimed materials.


The reason I'm writing about this for this blog is that the backing material comes from recycled or leather scraps from Italian shoe companies and the stretchy backstrap is from a partially-recycled secret material. So, in addition to helping you organize your cards, the wallet has some "green" features.

I found out about these wallets in an article I'd read. When I saw the store during a visit to a neighboring business, I decided to check them out, too. The wallets are even nicer in person than they look in photos. They are lightweight and very aesthetically pleasing. I was approached by a sales girl who showed off their features and offered to answer any questions I had. I'd like to get one, but I carry more cards than they offer slots for. I'd need one of these to hold about 20-30 cards to be able to use it as an everyday item. However, it would be ideal for traveling since I could put it in my crossbody purse and I usually only take my ATM and 2 credit cards. I see these being really nice for going out, also. I don't go out with friends like I used to, but I did use a small card wallet most of the time when I did.

The ZeroZ wallet has one main "favorite card" spot that you can pull out quickly with a plastic half circle shape tab (more than one = tabz) for easy retrieval. This would probably be the spot to put your I.D. or most used ATM or credit card. You can also buy a pack of 5 tabz for $5. Prices vary based on leather and the size. Sizes: Extra small holds 2-3 cards; small holds about 5 cards; and medium about 10 cards. Prices depend on the leather finish and range from $30-50. Six variations are available and include reptile-print leather and pebbled leather. They offer limited edition styles (see photo 3) that cost a little more. Honestly, the basic leather ones are nice.

For more information about ZeroZ wallets, visitor stop by the store at 17 E. Gay St. Store hours are 11 a.m. to 5:30 weekdays and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

****Moonlight Market, a sale spotlighting independent businesses on Gay Street and downtown will be held April 12. This might be a good time to check out the store and neighboring businesses and score some deals.****