Some "green" things to do during April. Of course, starting seedlings inside is probably a good idea for gardeners in addition to the aforem.

"Chasing Ice"

I saw this movie last year at the Gateway Film Center and it was beautiful to see on the big screen. National Geographic photographer James Balog takes time-lapse photos and videos to show the changes in the ice. The movie will be shown for FREE at the McConnell Arts Center in Worthington on Thursday, April 10 at 7 p.m. The center is located at 777 Evening St. near Thomas Worthington High School in Worthington. If you think climate change is a hoax, this movie might change your mind.

"Earth Day: Gratitude"

Don't forget to sign up to work at one of the many sites around central Ohio. Lots of nice perks come with this, but most importantly we're doing something to help the environment. Projects take place April 19-26 and the celebration is April 26 at Columbus Commons. To learn more and find a work site, visit

Earthship Build Workshop

I've seen one of these buildings on a TV show, but not in real life. Participants will get some practical skills in learning how to make one of these structures in Philo (south of Zanesville). The cost is $35 for the weekend per person, which covers the cost of breakfast and lunch on workdays. There are various weekend workshops throughout Spring, so sign up for the one that interests you the most. To learn about the building and workshops, visit

Classes at City Folk's

City Folk's Farm Shop in Clintonville will be offering classes on goats, permaculture, children keeping chickens and attracting backyard wildlife. To learn about programs and register, visit


Reserve tickets to tour Westcott House and its new solar house. The house doesn't open until May 31, but the guy I spoke to last year during a visit said tours will start being sold out once it opens. To learn about Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House in Springfield and the new SolaratWestcott, visit

Mockingbird Meadows

Learn natural skincare. Sign up for the popular skincare seminar at this homesteading spot in Marysville. Event is in early May, but sign up early to reserve your spot.

Vegan food and cooking classes

For those who are vegans or want to learn some new recipes, check out this Amazon Local deal for Banana Leaf's food or classes. Prices start at $10.

Reserving garden plots and ordering seeds

Reserve garden plots and order seeds (City Folk's -see above- has catalogs to order heirloom, non-GMO seeds). Of course, starting seedlings inside is probably a good idea for gardeners who keep theirs from their former crops.