If you're thinking about being more green or you already are and want to keep celebrating all things green, check out the Green on the Green event.

Fix up your bike and learn how to do so with Third Hand Bike Co-op.

Green on the Green

Although I often enjoy going to the Worthington Farmer's Market because it's so large, my favorite one is the Green on the Green event. This year, the event coincides with the GEO (Green Energy Ohio) events held in Worthington. A number of events in addition to "green" vendors will take place, including GEO awards, Chasing Ice movie screening and an electronics drop off at Schreiner Ace Hardware. Don't forget to bring your own bags and cooler packs to take home food and other goods from the farmers market. The event starts at 9 and runs through 2 p.m. To learn more, visit http://www.greenonthegreen.com/

Third Hand Bike Co-op

If you need to tune up your bike or you want to fix up an old one, check out Third Hand Bike Co-op. The organization holds open garage nights where anyone can bring in their bike to fix up. They provide space and tools, but there may be a fee for parts or to purchase a bike they have for sale. The group also accepts donations of bikes and bike parts. To learn more about this group, visit http://www.thirdhand.org/joom/