Been wondering how we were going to blog the Grammy Awards. The Beat is, after all, a music writer, and the Grammys are the pinnacle of the business.

Truth is, we didn't watch. Don't usually. Years ago, we tuned in year after year, and over time, learned two things. One, that acts and artists of whom The Beat was a fan rarely won the things, or were even nominated. Second, that, like most awards shows, the entire evening was an exercise in self-indulgence.

Now, this will surprise no one - as Lauren Barlow of BarlowGirl told us in an interview some weeks back, "It's hard (to keep perspective) when the industry keeps telling you it's all about you."

And we hate to come off as arrogant or aloof. We like to think of ourselves as populists of th first order when it comes to music, the arts and taste. And we don't begrudge the industry, nor the folks who do tune in.

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