The Beat promised more about Linkin Park's "green" efforts in our feature story on the band's show Friday night at Nationwide Arena (which you've hopefully just finished reading and are here now looking for just that). So here you go.

You may note the following at that link: "The venues are doing their part as well by implement green initiatives wherever possible, including recycling, utilizing renewable energy certificates and offering preferred parking or incentives for carpools, hybrid and electric vehicles." And now you're wondering, "Hey! What about Nationwide Arena?" Glad you asked.

LP fans attending the show that arrive in vehicle with three or more people, or who drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, will receive a coupon for $5 off any Blue Jackets game ticket. This offer is good at surrounding lots operated by Standard Parking including the attached garage. The venue has also increased its backstage recycling of bottles, cans, paper and other recyclables. Lastly, Nationwide Arena has signed a long-term agreement with AEP as a participants in that company's green power program, which in turn supports AEP's renewable energy efforts.