The Beat's favorite line from our interview with Columbus Maennerchor president Werner Niehaus didn't make our print story.

In discussing the ability of choir members to learn German pronunciation, Niehaus, who moved to the U.S. from Germany in 1989, offered "It's not so hard for me." Nice.

He did add that "It's amazing how fast people pick up the language. They maybe don't know what the words mean, but they can sing it."

The Maennerchor welcomes Dresden, Germany's Bergsteigerchor for a concert celebrating the local group's 160th anniversary. The Bergsteigerchor began in 1927 as a group of mountain hikers and climbers who also enjoyed singing. Since we saw that, we can't seem to get this song out of our heads, although I have to say, it's the English version I hear.

Turns out this is not an old-time German folk song at all, but an original song written shortly after World War II that became a worldwide hit. Which explains why The Beat's father, who would have been a young man at the time, would have had the tune as part of his consciousness and thus passed it along to us.