Because we're rarely at a loss for something to say, we thought we'd expand on a couple items from this week's Fab 10.

First off, The Beat has nothing against Pearl Jam. We were not trying to imply the band has seen better days or whatever. And once you're huge, you're always going to be huge, to some extent. But the fact remains that there is almost no possible way the band could have maintained the level of popularity and cultural significance it had in the mid-90s.

The band's Columbus date is the third stop on its spring tour, which followed a date headlining the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation Festival.

And speaking of New Orleans, the Crescent City is the shared hometown of modern rockers My Morning Jacket and the venerable Preservation Hall Jazz Band. (On a side note, The Beat has seen the band at its New Orleans home - sat on the floor amid cigarette butts for one of the best gigs we've ever seen/heard - but not since Katrina. The place was impacted directly by the hurricane and has since impacted the city in innumerable ways.)

Anyway, this is the direct quote from PHJB leader Ben Jaffe we referenced in the Fab 10: "I Couldn't have imagined Jim (James, MMJ lead singer) fitting in any better with the guys at Preservation Hall. Creating music is not a science. There is no tried and true formula. There is an unspoken bond amongst musicians. One that exists in the notes we choose. Jim's like our long-lost cousin coming home for the first time."

Lastly, here is a clip of our favorite Lynn Miles tune, the one we suggested you attempt to convince her to play. The lyrics of the chorus - killer.