The core of our print piece from our interviews with this sister and brother, who will play together at the Columbus Maennerchor Saturday night, focused on their early musical differences and how they narrowed through time. But there was much more in our chat with each, so we thought we'd share some of it here with you in nugget form.

We told Katy the terminology on her Web site, Americana musican, was so totally appropriate, seeing as, if she would allow, she has dipped her toes in a number of American music forms, from folk to country to Cowboy songs to blues to... you get the point. She replied that "dip my toes" is a phrase she herself has used to describe her musical journey.

"I have visited many styles," she said.

Asked if forced to choose between being a singer who only did other people's songs or being a writer who never performed, she chose both.

"I've never been a one-writer singer, either my own or anyone else's," she said. (We didn't think it would be fair to force the issue...)

Katy has been coming to Columbus almost annually since 1996, and feels comfortable her thanks to the music fans and her host/promoter, Alec Wightman (who also executive produced her last record).

This time, Katy brings actual family with her to town. We can attest to Hugh's being as engaging an interview as is sister.

We talked about his recent work as a librettist, making new operatic works with co-writer Michael Ching, work which has an Ohio connections.

"He came to a show I did maybe 20 years ago," Hugh told us. "We wrote a couple songs together, and one thing led to another. The first thing we did was a commission for the Dayton Opera."

"All three operas we've done together have been successful - as far as contemporary opera goes."

And we'll close with this video of the two together, not as a substitute for the show but to whet your whistle.