Downtown Columbus' new park space (you know, the site of the old City Center), "opens," if an outdoor space can open, thus Thursday starting at 4 p.m. with a local music showcase all evening long.

Lotsa live entertainment planned courtesy partners like CAPA, Phoenix Theatre for Children and Shadowbox Live.

The Beat was skeptical when this was announced as the plan for the former mall site - we held that it would have made a terrific rail station - of course, there would have to actually be rail.

But we're glad to see the open space and expect folks will take to it.

Next summer, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra's Picnic With the Pops will move to the nine-acre site. It seems small compared to the vast expanse at Chemical Abstracts, and you'll have to find a place to park, but to move the series downtown makes so much sense.

Now we just need a slogan for the space. "Catch you on the Commons" or something... better.