Trans-Siberian may be an orchestra but it's still a band

Trans-Siberian Orchestra co-founder Paul O'Neill says one way to describe what TSO does is "rock theater." He says TSO incorporates elements of rock, classical and theater into the shows. (Read our story here for more.)

But he remains steadfast in calling Trans-Siberian Orchestra a band.

"We're the first band to have 80 members. We're the first band to have a member from every continent."

So if you were confused, don't be. Despite the lack of a designated frontman/woman (TSO carries 10-12 singers, something O'Neill said is vital to the mission of the band. He said having the right singer for each song is wehat it's all about. O'Neill likes to use the example: Dream on is a great song, and Steven Tyler is a great singer. Music of the Night is a great song and Michael Crawford is a great singer. But if you flip the singers, it's not as great, it's not a fit, it's not the right singer for the right song) and despite the sheer number of players - four guitarists, two or three keyboards, small string ensemble and of course all those singers - TSO sure looks like a band on stage.

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By: Jim Fischer

12 / 16 / 11

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