More from The Beat's interview with Ellie Grace.

The Beat tried to offer a glimpse at the interesting personality of Ellie Grace in our print piece, her backstory and such.

But our conversation also included some artistic stuff, and since she and her sister Leela spend a good amout of their time on these kinds of pursuits, and since they're playing tonight thanks to Six String Concerts, we thought maybe that would be some good stuff to share.

The first thing Ellie did when talking about songwriting was to defer to her one-year-older sister, sayiong "Leela's more of a writer, more of a poet."

Explaining her own crative process, she said that songs "often start with an emotion. A lot of my stuff copmes from the personal and translated to the universal."

She said the sisters are active in a variety of social/poltical issues, which also informs their work. Stating that both sisters are "very connected to the outdoors and nature," Ellie began reciting lyrics from a recent tune -- "There was frost on the ground when I woke to this day..."

"It's about letting go, the passing of the seasons, a metaphor for change."

This isn't that tune, but it is awfully pretty -- click here to watch Ellie's Only for You.