Cellist Sant' Ambrogio ventures into production side of music-making

The Beat made brief mention in our print piece (read here) of cellist Sara San't Ambrogio (who joins the Columbus Symphony Orchestra for concerts this weekend) working on final editing of her soon-to-be-released CD of the music of Chopin. We spoke longer on the subject, and some of that is below:

"I'm having a blast. It's a steep learning curve, but I'm loving it."

"Especially on classical CDs, you create the sound when you record it, without separate tracks. The space (where you record) is very important. I've always been really curious how to reproduce 'my sound.'"

Sant'Ambrigio went so far as to say she's worked with different microphones in the recording process.

"When I decided to record I decided I also wanted ot produce. I wanted to make sure the listener was hearing what I hear, why I fell in love with this music."

"I'm recording a CD of Latin music. It started off with just cello and piano but has expanded to incluide guitar, pecussion, a Latin orchestra. Multi-track recording is super fun and creative, and I feel like the sky's the limit. It's wonderful to be expanding so dramatically."

More blogging later about the cellist as a "working mom."