More from The Beat's interview with Gráinne Diver of Screaming Orphans.

You read our print piece with Gráinne Diver of Screaming Orphans, so you know that we discussed with her the band's name. (Suggested by a friend.)

But if you ever hear her (perhaps from the Midland Theatre stage tonight) tell you this story -- that the name was adopted after someone heard them rehearsing and told them to "Quiet down! You sound like a bunch of screaming orphans!" -- well, just make sure she gives The Beat credit.

"I like that story. It might be better than the real one," Diver told us.

In fact, we spent a bit of time talking about names, including her own, which The Beat joked was the only one of the four sisters who make up the band -- the others being Angela, Marie Thérčse and Joan -- which required us to guess at the pronunciation. (It's "gron-ya.")

"I've been called just about everything," she laughed. "I've even been called 'Granny.'"

Which is ironic, since it was at her own grandmother's striong suggestion that she was given her name.

"My own granny was to be my godmother, and she told my dad to call me Gráinne," she explained. "I like it in a way because Gráinne was a pirate queen in Ireland. But it's unusual because my granny was very religious, so it's funny she would insist on that name."