More from The Beat's interview with Sally Fingerett of Four Bitchin' Babes

First we should say that anyone who would allow The Beat in their home is probably a saint. Seccond, when that home is as nice as Sally Fingerett's, you're probably in need of a head examination.

But she did and we're grateful for the time to chat to preview the upcoming Four Bitchin Babes show Sunday at the Capitol Theatre. (Read the print piece and watch the video here.)

At her current residence for about nine years, the Chicago-born Fingerett has called Columbus home for 32 years. She joked that the original Babes lineups had artists from "New York, Chicago, Boston.... and Columbus, Ohio." Sometimes two Babes called NYC home. Fingerett didn't mind the mock (we think) slight.

"I have a driveway," she said was her comeback.

In truth, she added, "Columbus is home but I make my living on the road."

She enhances that living by making the behind-the-scenes work on the Four Bitchin Babes a priority. Yet she has still carved out time to compose songs for an original musical debuted a few years back in Canada, and she told The beat she is working on a book/project she's calling Mental Yentl -- "for the next generation of Jewish mothers."

Two things, Fingerett said, stick out to her about a "hometown" show. First, that she never knows whether she should invite people to the house after the show. And second, that because of her touring schedule, she really doesn'ty play Columbus all that often.

"I love playing Columbus. CAPA does a beautiful job. And we've got great new songs."