A local group plans a gallery-style exhibit of its collective Instagram photography

Social media has changed perceptions about a lot of things - art among them. You remember when this video was posted by indie rockers Atomic Tom, right?

A central Ohio "club" has another offering in really new media, as InstaColumbus plans a gallery-style exhibition of photography done via Instagram, the lateration/manipulation app for iPhone and Droid phones. The app allows users tio apply digital filters to images taken via mobile phone, and then share them across social networks. The app was named "App of the Year" by Apple, and boasts 30 million users worldwide.

The result - "mobile photography."

The concept of mobile photography "definitely stands out" InstaColumbus member Lizzie Koselke told The Beat.

"You have a camera always with you in your pocket, and apps for editing."

InstaColumbus has met at least once every other month since last fall, with the gatherings largely consisting of "walks" around different parts of the greater Columbus area in search of shots. Koselke said she got the idea, not surprisngly, from the InstaGram Twitter feed, and that the group has grown in number largely via social media connections.

Koselke said she has never owned a "traditional" camera.

"I've always been intersted in looking at photography, but never really in being a photographer."

She said some members of the group, including Tim Courlas, who coordinated the upcoming exhibit, are experienced traditional photographers, and that most members at least have traditional cameras.

The exhibit will be heldstarting at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 19, at Syme by design, 6665J Huntley Road. Details are available on InstaColumbus' Facebook page.

The exhibit will feature "anything that's been posted through Instagram," Koselke said.