More from The Beat's interview with Peter Matthew Smith

You've read the interview and seen the video (and if you haven't, go here), and you've checked in to see what else The Beat could tell you about Peter Matthew Smith.

Well, in an astounding display of courageousness, the actor, whose wife is former ABC6 news anchor Amy Lutz, told us that TV is "not realistic."

Specifically, the NBC show Smash.

Some background.

In addition to the multiple roles Smith plays in the touring production of Memphis, he is also an understudy for Huey, the main character. So we asked about that, and about whether he knew if he'd get a chance to do Huey during the show's Columbus run, you know, seeing as he used to live here and whatnot.

Turns out while there are several reasons an understudy might go on, the hometown angle is not necessarily one of them. Additionally, the actor that plays Huey has taken off only three shows since the tour launched in October - all of which have been filled by the other Huey understudy.

"You have to be ready, and all our 'covers' are ready," Smith explained, adding he's been told "I'm next" when the need arises, giving hope to Columbus audiences.

All joking aside (although this is where we get to the joke referenced in our headline), Smith is a pro, and he knows how the business works.

"It's someone's job," he said of the first actor cast to a role. "There is a mutual respect among all the cast. If you've ever seen the TV show Smash, it's not like that, it's not realistic, all the conniving and backstabbing. It doesn't really work that way."

So while Smith himself might not be able to hope he gets a chance at Huey here in town, The Beat can. And well, Smith is signed on to the end of the tour - another six months. So his chances are pretty good he'll get a shot somewhere along the way.

Huey is a character Smith likes, and Memphis is a show with which he has some history. (Check the print piece linked above for more on these.) So here's hoping.

The Beat has always been "unrealistic."