Wexner Center, CD102.5, PromoWest partner up

A My Morning Jacket show on the horizon is in and of itself worth paying attention to, but the note about it being a "collaborative event," in a press release we received made it even more so. So we checked it out.

PromoWest president Scott Stienecker said the multiple groups are looking at an annual outdoor event, starting with the MMJ and Band of Horses show Aug. 12 at the LC Pavilion. The event benefits the Wexner Center for the Arts and CD101 for the Kids.

Charles Helm, Director of Performing Arts at the Wexner Center, said that discussions had been ongoing for the groups to work together on something.

"It became clear, rather than the Wexner Center and CD 102.5 to build an event from the ground up, to work with PromoWest, which has the infrastructure in place for an outdoor event of this kind."

"This show is terrific as a start. We think there is potential to build and have more expansive events in the future, more like a festival format."